Resumes and Cover Letters

Cover Letters

The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself and your resume to prospective employers.  The Professional Edge writes cover letters that summarize your background and request your being considered for employment.


The purpose of a resume is to obtain an interview.  With numerous job seekers applying for the same job, you need a competitve resume in order to obtain an inteview. The Professional Edge writes resumes that are chronological, functional, or a combination of the two for entry level to executive level clients including such professions as physicians, nurses, attorneys, and mental health professionals.

Resume Format

Studies show interviewers spend less than six seconds reviewing your resume to decide if they want to interview you. The Professional Edge maximizes those six seconds by ensuring that the format of your resume is easy for an interviewer to quickly scan and that the content is impressive to read. Since format is as important as content, The Professional Edge writes your resume and cover letter using a concise, organized, detailed, aligned format.

Telephone Interviews With You

Terry L. Wynne interviews you by telephone to identify the information she needs to quantify and describe your accomplishments as well as describe your unique experience, education, and expertise.

How You Receive Your Completed Resume and Cover Letter

You receive your completed resume and cover letter attached to an email.  Your resume and cover letter are in Microsoft Word in a read and write format so you can update them any time you choose.

Sample Resumes and Cover Letters

Numerous clients with resumes that Terry L. Wynne wrote report that interviewers, human resources professionals, and academicians praised their resume as being the best they had ever seen.

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What can you expect from a resume and cover letter from The Professional Edge?


  • to save time and money by having telephone interviews rather than paying for gasoline to drive to an office.
  • a resume that quantifies your experience to show the level and scope of your responsibilities, uses action verbs to describe your accomplishments and their results, uses clear language to ensure easy readability no matter how technical a background you may have, provides a crisp format for interviewers to quickly retrieve information, and provides an impactful and professional presentation of your abilities.
  • a cover letter that describes your experience, expertise, and education in a concise form and politely asks to be considered for a position.
  • a resume and cover letter that enhance the probability of your obtaining interviews for the jobs of your choice.


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