Testimonials From Resume Clients

Note:  Names of clients who requested resumes and also had coaching or career counseling sessions are withheld to provide confidentiality.

“Terry wrote my professional resume and I was extremely pleased with the results. She spent considerable time ensuring the questions she asked me evoked the information she needed to best express my credentials and experience.  I wholeheartedly recommend her as a writer and as a top-notch wordsmith as well.”
Susan J. Levy, M.Ed., LMFT, LPC

“I am pleased to highly recommend Terry Wynne as she was fundamentally responsible for building out and formatting my resume…Terry’s approach was organized, logical, and effective in assisting me depict a long career in banking.  Terry displayed patience and kept me focused on the key highlights of my professional strengths.  I truly appreciated her devoting a significant amount of time as she reduced over 30 years of multiple successful experiences to an effective, concise, and professional high impact document.  I am particularly impressed with Terry’s ability to make me think and dig deep into my past to ensure I did not overlook any important facts and weigh all experiences accordingly.  I highly recommend Terry’s capabilities.”
Eduardo Reissiger
Senior Vice President
Bank of America
Vendor Management Group
ANFM & MRT Vendor Network

“I was referred to Terry Wynne from a family member due to the lack of response from other resume writers who did not return my call. I contacted Terry and I am so happy I did! Terry called me back the same day and I was asked to complete a questionnaire and provide a current resume. Terry’s process to updating an outdated resume was extremely helpful since I have over 30+ years of experience. Terry has the keen ability to assess each job experience in detail, ask questions, and formulate the exact verbiage. Terry was also able to provide insights of potential employers to consider during my job search based on my background and education.  Her coaching was an EXTRA bonus and she exceeded my expectations each time we met.  Terry produced an updated and polished resume with cover letter along with nuggets of wisdom throughout the experience. Terry’s timely response, pleasant voice and resourceful background has made working with her an awesome and enjoyable experience.  I have already recommended her services to colleagues.”

“Terry did such a wonderful job transforming my resume to highlight my accomplishments that I landed the job of my dreams within a month!”

“Terry originally prepared my resume for me 2 1/2 years ago.  I was extremely pleased with the results, since I had over 30 years of experience I needed help describing in a professional, yet succinct way.  I received very positive feedback from her efforts. Several hiring managers expressed that it was the one of the best resumes they had ever seen. I attribute my successful job search to her efforts.  When it was time for me to update my resume to include my most recent position, I contacted Terry for her professional expertise. I am again extremely pleased with the results and am looking forward to using this new edition to acquire another position.  Thank you Terry (again) for all your help.”

“Terry updated my resume and I think it is phenomenal!  I posted parts of it on my Linkedin.com profile, and as a result, three people contacted me about positions within four days.”

“Thank you so much for the new resume and cover letter.  The resume you created for me is much more compelling than anything I would have written myself since I shy away from bragging too much; some of these business impacts I even had to research for myself before we could add them to the resume.  You have provided me with a powerful tool to open doors in the future and for that I am very grateful.  I look forward to working with you on the interest inventory in the coming 3 to 6 months.”

“Terry is very professional, intelligent, a perfectionist, dedicated and passionate about her work.  Terry had the ability to create my resume that truly reflects my credentials.  I am really glad that I met Terry because this is the first time I am fully satisfied and happy with my resume.  I recommend Terry to any professional who needs a well written resume and valuable career advice.”

“…I learned to take a second look at resumes of other people to make sure mine was as professional.  Since it wasn’t, Terry wrote my resume and cover letter and now I already have another job interview….  I feel I have the tools to advance to a higher-paying job with more responsibility.”

“I thought the service was great!  Terry was nice, helpful, and polite.  She taught me how to properly write a resume and cover letter. I’ve had two great interviews already and I’m looking forward to hearing the results.  I have a lot of hope for the future!”

“I loved the professional resume you wrote for me and this whole experience was helpful and satisfying.  I already plan to refer others to you.  Thank you.”

“During the process of…resume writing, I was better able to understand the path that I should take.  I’ve made a choice to go to graduate school and eventually get a doctorate.…you have got to work with Terry!”

“Terry….did an exceptional job on my resume and took the time to highlight all of my accomplishments that I’d forgotten about….I received a renewed sense of significance and purpose that was full of promise and appreciate what Terry did to help me.”

“…Terry Wynne, was organized, respectful, polite, and always prepared…. With her help, I now have a great resume and cover letter…My new resume is leaps and bounds better than anything I had previously.”

“My resume is wonderful and my cover letter is amazing!  I am 105% satisfied with both.  Terry did an excellent job and pulled out details of my work I didn’t even know I performed…. I highly recommend her as a coach and resume writer.”

“My new resume looks much more professional than the ones I’ve written myself and shows my higher levels of management.  I have already recommended Terry to many people.    Thank you for a wonderful experience…”

“Getting back into job search mode after 12 years, I was glad to get an independent perspective on what I needed to improve which I received both in the resume and coaching sessions.”

“…The cover letter and resume were over and beyond my expectations.   Terry was personable, supportive, patient, and motivating.  She brought out qualities in me I didn’t know I had.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Terry Wynne on developing a professional resume covering 25 years, and effective job search strategies.  Terry was a joy to work with, and never once made me feel rushed.  She was detail oriented and stopped at nothing less than perfection.  As a result, my new resume is professional, and a perfect representation of my skill set….I would highly recommend her services.  “

“[Terry]… provided me with a professionally written resume…. I would highly recommend …Terry….”

“….Terry …wrote a professional resume and cover letter for me.   I couldn’t be happier with the eye catching formatting, language, and detail of my new stellar resume and cover letter.  They are both first class and I’m confident they will give me the results I seek.  I highly recommend her.”

“….Having a professional resume will empower me to become more involved in networking groups and have unlimited possibilities.  The resume is a calling card for me.  Putting details on paper is one thing, but having them reflect the level of experience and professionalism I possess is another.  Thank you for such professional resume help.  I have a renewed sense of confidence of what I have to offer and now my resume is proof of what I offer.”

“The process of  Terry writing my resume was easy and very comfortable.  The finished resume was more than what I was expecting.   I wasn’t able to write my own resume because I wasn’t able to find the words as Terry did for me.   I would definitely recommend her no matter what your education level as she is very proficient in writing and interviewing.  Even though I was busy, Terry kept encouraging me to finish my resume.  The structure, layout, writing, and my job experience on the resume is easy to follow and I hope the resume will help me obtain the job I want next.”

“If you want a resume done quickly, efficiently and professionally, contact Terry Wynne.  She put together a sharp, coherent resume for me and the turnaround time was brief.  She spent time with me and asked all the right questions.  I would highly recommend her skills to anyone.”

“Terry is THE subject matter expert in preparing you for your next career.  She helped me recognize my strengths, then boiled them down to create an incredible resume…. I highly recommend her for preparing for your next job/career ‘adventure.”

“She is very professional and passionate about helping clients. The services are tailored specifically to each individual to emphasize one’s professional strengths and accomplishments. I would definitely recommend these services to anyone seeking to gain a competitive edge in the job market and to successfully attain career goals.”

“Thank you for the outstanding work you did on my CV/Resume.  You took your time and ensured it was exactly what I wanted yet accurate and contemporary with current executive summaries. I have received an immediate response upon its posting. I have currently recommended your services to a colleague.”

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