Testimonials From Coaching Clients/Referral Sources

Notes:  Names of coaching clients withheld to provide confidentiality. 

Career Counseling/Career Coaching Services Provider
“As a member of the HR Anew team, for more than six years, Terry Wynne has provided Career Coaching and Career Counseling services to government employees and interns. Her performance is exceptional and she is very committed to the HR Anew brand of ensuring that the services and support she provides benefits humankind and inspires their professional growth. Evaluations from Terry’s clients consistently rate her work as highly excellent and they frequently mention how her expertise, insights, and recommendations greatly help them. She has also edited a lengthy, significant document and written training sessions as well for the company.   Terry is creative, innovative, reliable, professional, and dependable.  I look forward to her continued work and affiliation with HR Anew.  With much gratitude,”
Deborah Stallings, MA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
President and Chief Executive Officer
HR Anew

“l would highly recommend Terry Wynne to anyone in the job search process. Within one month after completing coaching, I got the job of my dreams in business development with a fortune 100 company.  Terry is very thorough and well-informed about many industries.  Without question, her greatest strength is that she truly cares about her clients.  Coaching was the best investment I ever made! “

“I would highly recommend Terry Wynne to anyone seeking career or life coaching. She is professional, knowledgeable and highly effective. But more importantly, she is passionate and takes a genuine interest in her client’s success. This quality truly distinguishes Terry . . . and I truly believe it is the factor that drives her clients to successfully reaching their goals.”

“Terry helped me build my confidence to prepare me for the job interview that changed my life. I was at my lowest point professionally. I had taken a huge risk. I left a great paying job in an industry that didn’t fulfill me, and after trying for months and months to land an entry level position in another field, I couldn’t sell myself enough to achieve my goal. She worked with me and prepared me through interview role playing.  She even called me moments before the interview to pump me with confidence and calm my anxiety. I knew I landed the job, and I didn’t even get to my car after the interview before I was dialing Terry’s number to tell her. I am three years, and three promotions into my new career. I now enjoy going to work every day. If you need someone to guide you to find your passion, if you need a compassionate soul to listen, if you need someone to set up a game plan for your career and set you on a path to professional growth…DO NOT hesitate to reach out to Terry.  You will not be disappointed.”

“I am very happy with the coaching sessions I received from Terry Wynne. Her sessions on interviewing skills helped me prepare for and feel confident throughout the interviewing process. Her sessions on assertiveness helped me feel empowered to make things happen for me both personally and professionally. Before I received coaching services I had been looking for a Nurse Practitioner job for 5 months.  Terry did such a wonderful job transforming my resume to highlight my accomplishments that I landed the job of my dreams within a month! Professional coaching has been one of the best investments I have ever made.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Terry Wynne on developing a professional resume covering 25 years, and effective job search strategies.  Terry was a joy to work with, and never once made me feel rushed.  She was detail oriented and stopped at nothing less than perfection.  As a result, my new resume is professional, and a perfect representation of my skill set.  I also had the privilege of Terry’s coaching expertise in assertiveness training.  Through handouts, suggested readings, and one-on-one instruction and role-playing, I now have a strong enough understanding of communication techniques that I can continue to work and improve through ongoing practice.    Terry was a joy to work with.  I learned much about communication simply through our interaction as she is both diplomatic and empathetic, but also extremely professional.  My entire experience was enhanced by her years of wisdom and experience, and I would highly recommend her services.”

“Terry is professional and courteous. Her advice has helped me seek jobs in new and meaningful ways. Terry assisted me in focusing on the most important aspects of my job search and always followed up on my progress. She gave advice that I would have never considered if she were not my coach.”

“It has been said, to know one’s self is divine.  It has never been said, to know one’s self is easy.  Terry Wynne helped me search inside, to find the right career path outside.  She has my highest unqualified recommendation and sincerest gratitude.”

“I received valuable information on job search strategies such as using the Internet, networking sites, and the library.  I also learned tips on interviewing and handling difficult interview questions.  It really helped me to role-play answering uncomfortable interview questions and the role-play helped to alleviate my discomfort about interviewing.  I’m excited about using the resources given to me since so much information was provided!”

“I have a better appreciation for a wordsmith, such as Terry, who can take a negative situation and craft words to shed a different light on it.  She helped me in expressing myself.  Interviewing skills gave me confidence.  I have a more positive, upbeat attitude and feel prepared and less stress going into my upcoming interview.”

“Going through career coaching allowed me to look at indicators that are not always logical, stop making excuses, and make a decision to do what I want for a career.  Terry asked me questions that made me answer honestly while the Strong Interest Inventory validated my answers and revealed my true interests.   Terry encouraged me to conduct informational interviews and conducting them resulted in helping me listen to my inner voice.   Terry also motivated me to listen to my inner voice and not just my head.  The whole process helped me be more honest with myself.  I appreciate everything Terry did to help me since I may not have made a career decision without going through the coaching process.  Now, I feel I’ve made a good decision, the right decision for me.”

“Terry provided me with thoughtful and detailed insights to guide me through the career transition process.  She was thorough in exploring my needs and considerate of my time and money.   She didn’t treat this service as a business transaction, but connected with me as a person to give me the best advice based on her expertise.  She was very supportive and intuitive regarding my current job situation and my aspirations of where I wanted to move from here.  Her results were quick, efficient, and target-oriented.”

“I was very satisfied with the services I received from my coach, Terry Wynne.  She is passionate and knowledgeable about what she does.  I wanted coaching to receive a plan of action and feel I’m uncovered my true passions and interest and have a plan in place to move forward.  I received validation and coping skills and learned skills I can take with me through the rest of life.”

“I personally found the role-playing session to be the most valuable aspect of coaching and found Terry to be a professional and to be encouraging during the process.  I hope that this process will ultimately lead to my career goals and feel that some pragmatic steps were provided to lead toward this goal.”

“I needed some assistance with re-entering the workforce after being out of it for nearly a year.  I needed to refocus and was very pleased with the resume that addresses all the skillsets for any position for which I might apply.  I learned a lot from assertiveness about standing up for myself, avoiding situations, and working better in situations that come my way.  I had an excellent experience and would recommend Terry to anyone.”

“I came to a cross road in my career with great uncertainty about next steps, but had the fortunate experience of being coached by Terry Wynne, The Professional Edge.  Having 14 years left before retirement, I knew that my next move would have significant impact on the remainder of my career.   My coaching sessions with Terry led me to greater insights and clarification of my talents and gifts.  She was able to help draw out and bring back to light my true interests and most important goals that had become lost in the lack of advancement in my current job.  I took advantage of taking the Strong Interest Inventory as well and her feedback provided new perspective on things that I already knew about myself.  However, seeing my occupational themes and how they align so well with my experiences and current interests, gave me greater confidence in determining a new career path.  My coaching sessions with Terry were very enjoyable as she has great interpersonal skills, a good sense of humor and genuinely cares about her clients’ success.  Her professionalism and excellent follow up skills kept me on target with my goals plus she has a wealth of knowledge to share across so many different areas.   Terry challenged and encouraged me in ways that helped propel me forward and I now feel more favorable and excited about future career options.  If you are a ready to make a change in your career or need assistance with your resume or job search, I highly recommend Terry Wynne’s career coaching services. You will be very satisfied and pleased with the outcome.”

“I was introduced to Terry Wynne through a friend who had worked with her a few years earlier. My friend raved about Terry’s focus and the ease in speaking to her, and credited her with much of the assistance she needed in finding her new career.  I, myself, was at a career crossroads, having little professional experience in my new chosen field. I didn’t have the resume to move further along my career path. I was also so far removed from the corporate world, I simply didn’t know how to talk to my superiors in a professional manner, not only to be respected, but to get what I needed.  Terry guided me in both as well as several other setbacks I was dealing with. I quickly learned that Terry simply doesn’t do a job, or provide a service, but enjoys helping people. She digs deep, and does research for you because her experience and reputation in the field gets her the answers you are looking for quickly. She isn’t simply concerned about finding you the right job, but that it is a fit that makes your entire family happy.  Just a few weeks ago, I didn’t have the resume or confidence to pursue the next step of my career path. After speaking with Terry just a few times, I feel much more confident that I can make the moves I need to further my career.  I would highly recommend Terry Wynne to anyone who feels lost in the career world. Whether you are unhappy at your current job, or decided to jump into a new world like many of us have, Terry has the resources, tools, knowledge and experience to put your mind at ease and provide the confidence one needs to move forward in their quest.”

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your time and patience, but also your willingness to be tough on me.  That’s very important to me, and that’s how I learn best. “

“Working with Terry Wynne was one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and engaged in the process of helping you reach your goals.   I started working with Terry when I decided that I was ready for a career change after being with my employer for more than ten years.  In addition, I was close to completing graduate school for an MBA degree.  I felt incredibly rusty regarding job seeking, and interviewing, after being at the same company for such a long time.  I also wanted to move my career in a new direction which brought on different challenges to finding a new job.  Terry worked with me to hone my job searching skills and interviewing techniques based on today’s practices.  She also helped me identify career options that fit my skills, professional experience, education, and career passions.  I now feel more than prepared to advance my career in the direction that I want to take it today and well into the future.  If you choose to work with Terry in order to achieve your career goals it will be a decision that you will not regret.”

“After coaching with Terry, I learned to take a second look at resumes of other people to make sure mine was as professional.  Since it wasn’t, Terry wrote my resume and cover letter and now I already have another job interview.  Through my coaching, I also learned interviewing skills I didn’t know.  Thanks to my coaching experiences, I feel I have the tools to advance to a higher-paying job with more responsibility.”

“I thought the service was great!  Terry was nice, helpful, and polite.  She taught me how to properly write a resume and cover letter. The most helpful part was the part on interviewing skills – learning them and practicing them.    I’ve had two great interviews already and I’m looking forward to hearing the results.  I have a lot of hope for the future!”

“Terry updated my resume and I think it is phenomenal!  I posted parts of it on my Linkedin.com profile, and as a result, three people contacted me about positions within four days.  Terry helped me be concise and learn how to praise myself and talk about myself in interviews and feel comfortable doing so.”

“I feared interviewing, but role-playing for an interview made me feel more comfortable and confident.  The advice on hand-shaking and making a memorable closing statement confirmed ways I wanted to act, but was unsure if doing so was appropriate.  I loved the professional resume you wrote for me and this whole experience was helpful and satisfying.  I already plan to refer others to you.  Thank you.”

“When I started the process of coaching, I was full of indecision. Many opportunities presented themselves and I didn’t know in which direction to go.  Since my life was changing, I needed some direction.  Terry was able to get to my heart so I could see my own motivation.  During the process of coaching and resume writing, I was better able to understand the path that I should take.  I’ve made a choice to go to graduate school and eventually get a doctorate.  If anyone wants coaching, you have got to work with Terry!”

“Terry helped me clarify what I want to do and helped me separate what my heart said from what my head said.  She helped me refocus after a job loss and decide on the next steps to take.  She did an exceptional job on my resume and took the time to highlight all of my accomplishments that I’d forgotten about.  She coached me through the interview process and job search strategies and I learned various techniques, technology, and websites appropriate for me.  I received a renewed sense of significance and purpose that was full of promise and appreciate what Terry did to help me.”

“My coach, Terry Wynne, was organized, respectful, polite, and always prepared. She brought new ideas and knowledge to me that I did not know before I worked with her. With her help, I now have a great resume and cover letter, as well as job searching and networking skills. My new resume is leaps and bounds better than anything I had previously.   Terry Wynne helped me answer tough interview questions, and let me know certain questions employers could not ask. She listened to what I wanted to do, and was very effective at working towards my goals…. The role playing gave me confidence to overcome any obstacle in my career path.”

“Terry is very professional, intelligent, a perfectionist, dedicated and passionate about her work.  Terry had the ability to create my resume that truly reflects my credentials.  I am really glad that I met Terry because this is the first time I am fully satisfied and happy with my resume.  I recommend Terry to any professional who needs a well written resume and valuable career advice.”

“My resume is wonderful and my cover letter is amazing!  I am 105% satisfied with both.  Terry did an excellent job and pulled out details of my work I didn’t even know I performed. Through coaching, Terry also allowed me to see opportunities outside my industry.   I highly recommend her as a coach and resume writer.”

“Coaching provided me with insight into myself through questioning of what I wanted out of my life and career.  I gained clarity and a sense of control of what I wanted out of my career path which was empowering for me.   As a result of coaching, I feel much more prepared and confident to answer questions in an interview by phone or in person.  Confidence is a major take away.  My new resume looks much more professional than the ones I’ve written myself and shows my higher levels of management.  I have already recommended Terry to many people.    Thank you for a wonderful experience in coaching.”

“Getting back into job search mode after 12 years, I was glad to get an independent perspective on what I needed to improve which I received both in the resume and coaching sessions.”

“I loved coaching and the services were phenomenal.  The cover letter and resume were over and beyond my expectations.   Terry was personable, supportive, patient, and motivating.  She brought out qualities in me I didn’t know I had.   Coaching gave me knowledge of what to say in interviews and how to prepare for them.   Plus, I gained confidence and learned how to practice for my interviews.”

“While conducting my search on my own, I was getting discouraged and needed a boost…. Being open-minded to Terry’s ideas brought exactly what was needed.  Her coaching provided me with a professionally written resume, an updated LinkedIn profile and ways to use the LinkedIn resources, improved opening statements for interviews, and how to answer questions and negotiate salaries.  Terry gave me a broader perspective for what I needed to do and this evolved into complete preparation for a job search.  Now I feel like I have a library of resources to help me.  I would highly recommend coaching with Terry if you are starting a search or are looking to change jobs.  She is an excellent coach.”

“Having been with the same company for years, I needed current directions for interviewing skills, salary negotiations, common interview questions and their answers, illegal interview questions, and job search strategies.  Terry prepared me in all these areas and wrote a professional resume and cover letter for me.   I couldn’t be happier with the eye catching formatting, language, and detail of my new stellar resume and cover letter.  They are both first class and I’m confident they will give me the results I seek.  Terry is very well-suited to being a coach and I highly recommend her.”

“Coaching opened my mind to job possibilities.  The questions asked were “spot-on” and Terry had insight into what to ask me.  Having a professional resume will empower me to become more involved in networking groups and have unlimited possibilities.  The resume is a calling card for me.  Putting details on paper is one thing, but having them reflect the level of experience and professionalism I possess is another.  Thank you for such professional resume help.  I have a renewed sense of confidence of what I have to offer and now my resume is proof of what I offer.”

“I enlisted Terry’s coaching services during a difficult period of unemployment. She was perceptive, intelligent, and skilled in her approach. She provided insightful feedback about my unique situation and helped me refine my interviewing skills. The interview role play session boosted my confidence significantly and helped lead to several initial and follow-up interviews. Thank you Terry for all of your help!”

“Terry has been a sincere pleasure to work with during my career transition. Her intuitive approach has proved extremely effective at revealing both my personal passions as well as areas that may provide me with the opportunity to contribute my talents in meaningful ways.  She is an outstanding listener and has a keen sense of perception.  Her practical career planning strategies include an emphasis on envisioning – something that I discovered had been largely absent from my approach.  I would not hesitate in recommending Terry to any of my closest friends and colleagues.”

“Terry is THE subject matter expert in preparing you for your next career.  She helped me recognize my strengths, then boiled them down to create an incredible resume.  She prepared me to be a better interviewee and to create self-affirmations so that I present myself in my best light.  I didn’t realize I could ask for salary and benefits beyond the initial offer.   In the midst of  coaching sessions, I was offered a new job  and when I made additional salary and benefit requests, I received all of them.   Being coached by Terry helped me learn and become better at my own strengths beyond what I currently had the capacity to realize.  I highly recommend her for preparing for your next job/career ‘adventure.’”

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Terry L. Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, NCC, NCCC, BCC, CCC
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