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Resumes & Cover Letters


The Professional Edge writes resumes that are chronological, functional, or  a combination of the two for entry level to executive level clients including such professions as physicians, attorneys, and mental health professionals.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are necessary to introduce your resume to prospective employers.  A cover letter from The Professional Edge summarizes your background and expertise and asks for the position you seek.

Format and Content

Studies show interviewers spend less than 10 seconds reviewing your resume to decide if they want to interview you. The Professional Edge maximizes those 10 seconds by ensuring that the interviewer can quickly find categories and information to review and that the content is impressive to read. Since format is as important as content, The Professional Edge writes your resume and cover letter using  a concise, organized, detailed format.

Telephone Interviews With You

The Professional Edge interviews you by telephone to determine the best words to describe your unique experience, education, and expertise.  The telephone interview allows The Professional Edge to input information directly into a computer while talking to you.

Time Required for the Telephone Interview 

The telephone interview by phone requires two or more hours of your time which you can split into intervals.  Why so much time?  The Professional Edge  asks detailed questions about your accomplishments in order to  list all of them, quantify them, explain their importance, and give you full credit for achieving them.  The most effective  way to obtain this information is by questioning you and upon hearing your answers, ask more questions for clarification.  As a result of such thorough questioning, The Professional Edge identifies which accomplishments to describe, composes  the  best way to describe your accomplishments,  creates a resume that will stand out from those of your competitors, and in turn,  enhances the probability of your obtaining an interview.  After all, your resume is the most common means through which you obtain an interview!

Your Final Products

As your final products, The Professional Edge emails your completed resume and cover letter to you in Microsoft Word  so you can update them any time you choose. If you also request a PDF format of your resume and cover letter, The Professional Edge will email them to you as well at no additional charge.

Sample Resumes and Cover Letters

Countless clients with resumes from The Professional Edge report that interviewers, human resource managers, and academicians praised their resume as being the best they had ever seen. See the quality of resumes and cover letters for yourself:

Note:  If you are unable to afford for The Professional Edge to write your resume, each of the above links allows you to download and save the Microsoft Word file, then you can overwrite it with your own information while retaining the original format.

What is unique about the price of resumes and cover letters from The Professional Edge unique?

  • The format and the cost for a resume and cover letter is the same for everyone.  Why?  Because everyone deserves a resume that makes them look like  an executive and executives deserve to pay the same for their resume as entry level employees. 
  • If your resume takes the minimum of two hours to write or as long as eight hours to write, the quality and the price are still the same!

What can you expect from a resume and cover letter from The Professional Edge?

  • Expect the convenience of having telephone interviews instead of the time and inconvenience of traveling to a destination to obtain a  resume.
  • Expect a resume that quantifies your experience to show the level and scope of your responsibilities, describes your accomplishments and their results using action verbs, uses clear language to ensure easy readability (no matter how technical a background you may have), provides a crisp format for interviewers to quickly retrieve information, and gives an impactful and professional presentation of your abilities.
  • Expect a cover letter that describes your experience and education in a concise form and politely asks to be considered for a position.
  • Expect a resume and cover letter that enhance the probability of obtaining interviews for the jobs of your choice!

 What do clients of resume writing  and/or cover letter services say about The Professional Edge?

"As a career Federal employee with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who retired in June, 2014, it had been over 30 years since I had prepared or updated my resume! This became very apparent to me when I began my job search. Ms. Wynne worked extensively with me to compile a complete and comprehensive resume that well highlighted my personal and professional attributes. I was told by a professional recruiter for a major government contractor that my resume was by far the best one she had seen, and she looked at dozens of resumes a week! She was particularly impressed by the formatting of the document and the way my personal strengths and accomplishments were described.  With the help of my new resume, I now have a contract job working for government. I cannot recommend The Professional Edge highly enough and I am in Ms. Wynne's debt as she has allowed me to move forward with my career."

"I wanted to tell you that I have received very positive comments on my resume. A recruiter gave it a 95 on a scale of 1 to 100. I've had 3 different company interviews to date. I am hoping for some follow-up interviews from those."

"I am extremely pleased with the professional resume Terry Wynne wrote for me.   She asked probing questions to elicit the information she needed and took the time to quantify and accurately represent  in writing the work I do.  Without reservation, I recommend her to anyone who wants a resume that exudes quality both in content and format.  Her work is outstanding!"
John McGee
President, Keystone Muse, LLC
"Terry wrote my professional resume and I was extremely pleased with the results. She spent considerable time ensuring the questions she asked me evoked the information she needed to best express my credentials and experience. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a writer and as a top-notch wordsmith as well."
Susan J Levy, M.Ed., LMFT, LPC
“I found Terry to be an excellent listener, superb writer, and an easy person with whom to work.    She was able to integrate my ideas in writing in a professional manner  that would resonate with my audience.  I’m very pleased with her writing services and would recommend her to others who also have writing needs."
G. Amanda Eskridge, M.A., LPC, Smyrna, Georgia
"She is very professional and passionate about helping clients. The services are tailored specifically to each individual to emphasize one's professional strengths and accomplishments. I would definitely recommend these services to anyone seeking to gain a competitive edge in the job market and to successfully attain career goals."
Brandy Bryant, Conyers, Georgia

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