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What do clients of The Professional Edge say about their services?  Here are a few examples:

Career Coaching Clients

"I would highly recommend Terry Wynne to anyone in the job search process. Within one month after completing coaching, I got the job of my dreams in business development with a fortune 100 company.  Terry is very thorough and well-informed about many industries.  Without question, her greatest strength is that she truly cares about her clients.  Coaching was the best investment I ever made!"  

"I loved coaching and the services were phenomenal.  The cover letter and resume were over and beyond my expectations.  Terry was personal, supportive, patient, and motivating.  She brought out qualities in me I didn't know I had.  Coaching gave me knowledge of what to say in interviews and how to prepare for them.  Plus, I gained confidence and learned how to practice my interviews."

 "Coaching provided me with insight into myself through questioning of what I wanted out of my life and career.  I gained clarity and a sense of control of what I wanted out of my career path which was empowering for me.   As a result of coaching, I feel much more prepared and confident to answer questions in an interview by phone or in person.  Confidence is a major take away.  My new resume looks much more professional than the ones I’ve written myself and shows my higher levels of management.  I have already recommended Terry to many people.    Thank you for a wonderful experience in coaching."

“Working with Terry Wynne was one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and engaged in the process of helping you reach your goals.  I started working with Terry when I decided that I was ready for a career change after being with my employer for more than ten years.  In addition, I was close to completing graduate school for an MBA degree.  I felt incredibly rusty regarding job seeking, and interviewing, after being at the same company for such a long time.  I also wanted to move my career in a new direction which brought on different challenges to finding a new job.  Terry worked with me to hone my job searching skills and interviewing techniques based on today’s practices.  She also helped me identify career options that fit my skills, professional experience, education, and career passions.  I now feel more than prepared to advance my career in the direction that I want to take it today and well into the future.  If you choose to work with Terry in order to achieve your career goals it will be a decision that you will not regret.”

“I came to a cross road in my career with great uncertainty about next steps, but had the fortunate experience of being coached by Terry Wynne, The Professional Edge.  Having 14 years left before retirement, I knew that my next move would have significant impact on the remainder of my career.   My coaching sessions with Terry led me to greater insights and clarification of my talents and gifts.  She was able to help draw out and bring back to light my true interests and most important goals that had become lost in the lack of advancement in my current job.  I took advantage of the taking the Strong Interest Inventory as well and her feedback provided new perspective on things that I already knew about myself.  However, seeing my occupational themes and how they align so well with my experiences and current interests, gave me greater confidence in determining a new career path.  My coaching sessions with Terry were very enjoyable as she has great interpersonal skills, a good sense of humor and genuinely cares about her clients’ success.  Her professionalism and excellent follow up skills kept me on target with my goals plus she has a wealth of knowledge to share across so many different areas.   Terry challenged and encouraged me in ways that helped propel me forward and I now feel more favorable and excited about future career options.  If you are a ready to make a change in your career or need assistance with your resume or job search, I highly recommend Terry Wynne’s career coaching services. You will be very satisfied and pleased with the outcome.”

A Career Counseling Client

"Terry Wynne has been very helpful in my search for a new career. She helped [me] to understand what my interest inventories said about what I would enjoy doing. She has allowed me to steer our meetings while offering helpful suggestions. I have felt comfortable and confident during our meetings. I feel my time spent consulting with her was well spent and enlightening. The advice and methods were what I was looking for when I sought a career counselor."

Career Counseling and Resume Writing Service Clients

"As a career Federal employee with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who retired in June, 2014, it had been over 30 years since I had prepared or updated my resume! This became very apparent to me when I began my job search. Ms. Wynne worked extensively with me to compile a complete and comprehensive resume that well highlighted my personal and professional attributes. I was told by a professional recruiter for a major government contractor that my resume was by far the best one she had seen, and she looked at dozens of resumes a week! She was particularly impressed by the formatting of the document and the way my personal strengths and accomplishments were described.  With the help of my new resume, I now have a contract job working for government. I cannot recommend The Professional Edge highly enough and I am in Ms. Wynne's debt as she has allowed me to move forward with my career."

"I wanted to tell you that I have received very positive comments on my resume. A recruiter gave it a 95 on a scale of 1 to 100. I've had 3 different company interviews to date. I am hoping for some follow-up interviews from those. "

Clients of Resume Writing Services

"I am extremely pleased with the professional resume Terry Wynne wrote for me.   She asked probing questions to elicit the information she needed and took the time to quantify and accurately represent  in writing the work I do.  Without reservation, I recommend her to anyone who wants a resume that exudes quality both in content and format.  Her work is outstanding!"
John McGee
President, Keystone Muse, LLC
"Terry wrote my professional resume and I was extremely pleased with the results. She spent considerable time ensuring the questions she asked me evoked the information she needed to best express my credentials and experience. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a writer and as a top-notch wordsmith as well."
Susan J Levy, M.Ed., LMFT, LPC
"She is very professional and passionate about helping clients. The services are tailored specifically to each individual to emphasize one's professional strengths and accomplishments. I would definitely recommend these services to anyone seeking to gain a competitive edge in the job market and to successfully attain career goals."
Brandy Bryant, Conyers, Georgia
A Cover Letter and Website Client
“I found Terry to be an excellent listener, superb writer, and an easy person with whom to work.    She was able to integrate my ideas in writing in a professional manner  that would resonate with my audience.  I’m very pleased with her writing services and would recommend her to others who also have writing needs."
G. Amanda Eskridge, M.A., LPC, Smyrna, Georgia

A Training Seminar Participant

"Terry's workshop on positive thinking got rave reviews at the Credit Professionals International of Georgia conference... She is extremely sensitive and responsive to the needs of her audience, and provides a positive and nurturing environment that encourages participation and interaction from everyone. We all came away with specific action plans for improving ourselves and our association and a renewed sense of enthusiasm and commitment."
Carol Neal, CCBE/MPCE
International First Vice President
Credit Professional International
Clients of Writing Services
"Ms. Wynne has proven to be an invaluable promotional resource to my psychology practice over the years. She brings to the table a highly developed ability to understand, synthesize, and present the essence of what a mental health professional has to offer to the community, aided in no small part by her own years of providing professional counseling to others.  Ms. Wynne was involved in helping us organize and develop a brochure for our large counseling group. I was very impressed with her ability to take our ideas and translate them into clear, eloquent prose that was comprehensive in scope and yet very accessible to prospective clients and colleagues. We received many compliments on the finished product."
Mark P. Feinsilber, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Director of Affiliated Psychological Services, P.C.

"Terry has an amazing ability to provide clarity, compassion and insight to your writing and marketing resources. She assisted me by reducing my fear and anxiety about my writing professional text for my website and marketing materials.  I will definitely utilize her services for future projects."
Latasha Matthews, LPC, CPLC,CAMS

"Terry responded promptly to my request, asked good questions, and worked diligently to create a professional, quality product."
Denise Houston, LPC
Houston Counseling Services, Inc.

"Terry Wynne has done outstanding work for Cornerstone Professional Counseling Center as a writer and editor.  We highly recommend her work to others."  
Richard Blankenship, LPC, NCC, CCH, CCSAS

 "...I'm pleased to tell you that the contributions...are up 6.88%....I'm happy to give you the credit!"
Board of Trustees
“Terry wrote a script for our website that provided the perfect overview of our services as well as wrote a brochure for one of our new services.   Her simple yet descriptive descriptions made her writing perfect for our needs and we will continue to contact her whenever we need her writing skills.”
Chris Jacobs, CEO
Breakthrough Recovery Outreach
"I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with Terry on my professional journey. Terry has as been such an instrumental asset for me as I expand my independent practice.  I needed help with writing marketing materials.  She provided me with tuned-in listening, patience, thought out and thorough responses, superb wordsmithing and an intuitive sense for what works visually. She perfected my resume, which assisted in redoing my LinkedIn profile; I took it offline before working with Terry because it was lacking in showcasing my range of experiences.  Furthermore, she worked with me on my brochure, website, and other writing and marketing materials. As a result, I now have greater confidence in sharing about my business.   Although I have not met Terry face to face and only began working with her a few months ago (we have worked solely on the phone, which tells you how good she in what she does) I feel  as though I have known her  for some time;  she has been a friend in my professional process and progress.  I am truly grateful for her help and expertise."
Leslie M. Sessley,  LCSW
Sessley Counseling Services, Inc.

Participants from Speaking Engagements

"Terry has appeared at Mensa in Georgia annual conventions speaking on employee abuse in the workplace, leading the attendees in improv comedy, and presenting a riveting keynote speech.  She can be motivational, inspirational, or just plain funny, but she is always well prepared and professional.  Whatever your needs are for a speaker, consider her as a primary resource."
Linda Woodhead
Mensa in Georgia, Inc.
"Miss Wynne has a unique style and is able to identify with a wide variety of audiences. She has always been well prepared and entertaining as well as motivational."
Julian P. Wade, Jr.
Executive Vice President
Association of Information Technology Professionals

A Radio Client

"Having known Ms. Wynne as a professional has been absolute pleasure. During her stay with us at this radio station, she has delivered a professional standard that has taken us all to another level. Many of us felt that we knew how to interview our special invited guest, bringing what we thought or felt was a high standard of interviewing techniques. It took no time for Terry to show us the right and proper way to talk with someone in a studio setting for optimum results for our listeners' enjoyment. Her style came naturally. Terry is a very warm and patient person which is reflected in her style of conversation with people during her interviews.... Truly having Terry as a staff member has been and always will be a pleasure for our radio station."
H. R. Garrison
Program Director
WATB Radio Station

Voiceover Clients

"We premiered the tape last week... It was a huge success! Your narration was really good. I truly appreciate your help with this project."
Sally Siewert
Assistant Project Director
Program for Rehabilitation Leadership
Georgia State University
“Terry provided the voiceover for a script that she wrote for our website.  Without direction, she applied the appropriate tone, inflection, and voice clarity for our needs. I highly recommend her voiceover skills as well as her superb writing skills.”
Chris Jacobs, CEO
Breakthrough Recovery Outreach
“We hired Terry Wynne to be the voice of our phone system’s auto-attendant.  She was a pleasure to work with, very flexible and accommodating.  Her voice is not generic or robotic – to the contrary, her tone is warm, and her Southern lilt is familiar and comfortable for our patients.  Before going live with Terry’s recording, we heard negative feedback about our phone system on a regular basis; afterward, the complaints disappeared.  This silence is the best testament to the quality of Terry’s work that I can think of."
Bradley L. Cooper
Practice Administrator
Atlanta Dermatology & Laser Surgery

Note:  Where appropriate, these statements have been printed or reprinted with permission.

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