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The Professional Edge provides voiceovers for scripts, commercials, media presentations, or other types of narration.

Tone Makes All the Difference

You select a tone or The Professional Edge  will suggest one for you.  You may prefer: 

  • Serious
  • Pensive
  • Animated 
  • Enthusiastic 
  • Authoritative
  • Confidential
  • Conversational 

Whatever tone you choose, The Professional Edge provides the appropriate tone for your voiceover.

Writing Services

Through its writing services, The Professional Edge will also write the narration for the voiceover.

What can you expect from voiceover services from The Professional Edge?

Expect a voice with inflection, projection, and professionalism.

What do voiceover clients say about The Professional Edge?

 "Having known Ms. Wynne as a professional has been absolute pleasure. During her stay with us at this radio station, she has delivered a professional standard that has taken us all to another level. Many of us felt that we knew how to interview our special invited guest, bringing what we thought or felt was a high standard of interviewing techniques. It took no time for Terry to show us the right and proper way to talk with someone in a studio setting for optimum results for our listeners' enjoyment. Her style came naturally. Terry is a very warm and patient person which is reflected in her style of conversation with people during her interviews.... Truly having Terry as a staff member has been and always will be a pleasure for our radio station."
H. R. Garrison
Program Director
WATB Radio Station
"We premiered the tape last week... It was a huge success! Your narration was really good. I truly appreciate your help with this project."
Sally Siewert
Assistant Project Director
Program for Rehabilitation Leadership
Georgia State University
“Terry provided the voiceover for a script that she wrote for our website.  Without direction, she applied the appropriate tone, inflection, and voice clarity for our needs. I highly recommend her voiceover skills as well as her superb writing skills.”
Chris Jacobs, CEO
Breakthrough Recovery Outreach
“We hired Terry Wynne to be the voice of our phone system’s auto-attendant.  She was a pleasure to work with, very flexible and accommodating.  Her voice is not generic or robotic – to the contrary, her tone is warm, and her Southern lilt is familiar and comfortable for our patients.  Before going live with Terry’s recording, we heard negative feedback about our phone system on a regular basis; afterward, the complaints disappeared.  This silence is the best testament to the quality of Terry’s work that I can think of."
Bradley L. Cooper
Practice Administrator
Atlanta Dermatology & Laser Surgery

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