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Training and Keynotes

The Professional Edge offers training seminars, keynote addresses, and speaking engagements for small or large groups, for radio or television programs, national and state conventions, private industry, government, professional organizations, nonprofit agencies, continuing education, cruise ships, colleges, universities, churches, parties, individuals, or groups. 

Keynote Addresses

Choose the riveting, true keynote address, "Kidnapped," or another topic that you prefer.

Training Seminars

Training seminars include personal development, professional skills, motivational seminars, technical programs, and learning just for fun such as "Laughter Yoga" and "Where is my Funny Bone?"  Following are some of the most requested training seminars from The Professional Edge:

Choices of Training

The Professional Edge will:

  • Research, write, and present training topics you request.
  • Present topics you have already prepared.
  • Present topics The Professional Edge already offers.

Training Delivery Methods

Training delivery methods include webinars, Internet broadcasts, teleconferences, teleseminars, radio, television, video, and onsite or offsite locations.

Customized Training

The Professional Edge customizes training according to your:

  • Specifications
  • Audience
  • Time Frames
  • Room Size
  • Training Objectives.

Training Styles

Training styles can vary within the same session. These include:

  • Games
  • Didactic
  • Interactive
  • Breakout groups
  • Applied exercises
  • Audience presentations

What can you expect from training seminars and keynotes from The Professional Edge?

  • Expect presentations with poise, confidence, clarity, and credibility that are entertaining as well as educational.
  • Expect seminars to have objectives, an overview, clear definitions, and summaries.
  • Expect participants to enjoy learning, to participate. and to feel motivated and energized.

What do participants of training and keynote services say about The Professional Edge?

"Terry's workshop on positive thinking got rave reviews at the Credit Professionals International of Georgia conference... She is extremely sensitive and responsive to the needs of her audience, and provides a positive and nurturing environment that encourages participation and interaction from everyone. We all came away with specific action plans for improving ourselves and our association and a renewed sense of enthusiasm and commitment."
Carol Neal, CCBE/MPCE
International First Vice President
Credit Professional International
"Terry has appeared at Mensa in Georgia annual conventions speaking on employee abuse in the workplace, leading the attendees in improv comedy, and presenting a riveting keynote speech.  She can be motivational, inspirational, or just plain funny, but she is always well prepared and professional.  Whatever your needs are for a speaker, consider her as a primary resource."
Linda Woodhead
Mensa in Georgia, Inc.
"Miss Wynne has a unique style and is able to identify with a wide variety of audiences. She has always been well prepared and entertaining as well as motivational."
Julian P. Wade, Jr.
Association Director, Southern District
Association of Information Technology Professionals

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